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2022 FIFA World Cup Update – Morocco beats Spain on penalties: a story of amazing defense and three penalty misses

2022™ FIFA World Cup Update

World Cup 2022 update
World Cup 2022 update © France24

It was a historic match at the Education City stadium when Morocco beat Spain on penalties. The Atlas Lions reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup for the first time. Our sports editor Simon Harding was in attendance and despite the game ending 0-0 in regulation time, it was one of the most exciting results of the tournament.

Experts predicted an even game between Portugal and Switzerland, but it ended with a spectacular result. 7-1 in favor of the Portuguese, who immediately imposed their rhythm as the Swiss tried their best not to concede any more goals. One player made a lot of noise during this game, it was Gonzalo Ramos. The 21-year-old started from the position normally occupied by Cristiano Ronaldo and scored a hat-trick for his team for the first time since 1966.



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