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Authoritarian technology and drones for tower construction

Despite President Biden’s assurances at Wednesday’s United Nations meeting that the US is not seeking a new cold war, one is brewing between the world’s autocracies and democracies — and technology is fueling that.

Late last week, Iran, Turkey, Myanmar and a handful of other countries took steps to become full members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), an economic and political alliance led by the authoritarian regimes of China and Russia.

Most SCO member countries, as well as other authoritarian states, are following China’s lead and tending towards more digital rights abuses, increasing mass digital surveillance of citizens, censorship and controls over individual expression.

And while democracies also use large amounts of surveillance technology, it is the technology trade relationships between authoritarian countries that are enabling the rise of digitally enabled social control. Read the full story.

—Tate Ryan-Mosley

See this team of drones 3D printing a tower

The news: A mini-swarm of drones was trained to work together to 3D print some simple turrets. Inspired by the way bees or wasps build large nests, the process has multiple drones working together to build from a single project, with one essentially checking the work of others as it goes along.

How it works: One drone deposits a layer of building material and the other checks the accuracy of everything printed so far. Drones are fully autonomous during flight, but are monitored by a human who can intervene if things go wrong.

Why does it matter: One day, the method could help with challenging projects such as post-disaster construction or even repairs to very tall buildings for safe access, hopes the team behind it – and it could build buildings in the Arctic or even Mars. Read the full story.



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