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Breast Cancer Recovered Gets a Warm Welcome in Flight, Pilot’s Message Takes the Web

The state of health can be a major setback. When it comes to cancer, travel is fraught with unimaginable challenges. It is necessary to celebrate the victory over cancer, with all its trials and excruciating pain. Indeed, it is in such circumstances that the beauty of life and human bonds is valued more than ever. Thanks to cancer-saving research, millions of people are getting a second chance at life.

A recent video showing a cancer survivor being honored on a plane is circulating the internet. And by right this video is one of the most popular materials in social networks at the moment.

A touching video shows a Southwest Airlines flight pilot from Hawaii greeting a cancer survivor. A woman named Jerl Oldham was reportedly traveling to celebrate her victory over breast cancer. She was taken by surprise when the pilot gave her name and how she survived the ordeal. The pilot’s kindness and affectionate gesture drew applause during the flight.

The clip was posted by a user identified as Valerie Jones on Instagram, and Oldham is seen sitting with another passenger on the flight. However, the flight, which was about to take off, instead of the usual greeting from the pilot, the passengers received a special message commemorating Oldham’s cancer journey.

The video shows the pilot announcing and the passengers applauding. “I would like to welcome the special guest of today’s flight. Today we have a passenger heading to Hawaii after beating advanced breast cancer,” the pilot announced. the gesture can be seen watery and smiling fellow travelers.

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The pilot not only greeted Oldham, but went on to list her courage. “She fought bravely and is now cancer-free… Here, in today’s environment, it’s special that we can share that human connection and take care of each other. Everyone there is a big family. Welcome aboard,” the pilot added. The Pilot’s Message Restored Good Human Communication When the pilot made the announcement, Miss Oldham was stunned.

Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide, with nearly 10 million deaths recorded in 2020, according to the World Health Organization. The breast, colon, rectum, lungs and prostate are some of the most common types of cancer. One in three cancer deaths is attributed to tobacco use, high body mass index, alcohol use, low fruit and vegetable intake, and physical inactivity.



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