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Hurdle: Hurdle #228 Oct 11: Crack today’s song of the day with clues and hints here

It’s a new day of puzzles, and it’s time to sort through Heardle’s October 11 issue #228. Every day, the musical riddle posts the beginning of a famous song and asks the contestants to guess its name. The game aims to identify the music in as few attempts as possible.

Players have six chances. Every time you try and fail, the track gets longer. You must correctly identify the music with the fewest attempts to win the game.

Heardle was launched in February 2022 and quickly gained worldwide popularity.

Tips for Hurdle #228

  • Song of the Day for Hurdle #228 was released in 2018.
  • American male singer-songwriter writes a song for Heardle #228.
  • The genre of music is folk-pop.
  • The song title for Heardle#228 consists of two words.
  • The first word of the name is what every living being needs to drink.
  • The second word is what is used for garden decor as well as interior decoration.
  • The song artist name for Heardle#228 begins with the letter A.

Reply to Hurdle #228

Response to Hurdle #228, Oct. 11 – “Water Fountain” by Alec Benjamin.

Related FAQ

When was Hurdle launched?
Heardle was launched in February 2022 and quickly gained worldwide popularity.

How many words are in the song title for Heardle#228?
The song for Heardle #228, dated October 11, consists of two words.

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