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Man visits US grocery store and wins $190,736 jackpot

An American guy thought he was lucky that his wife sent him to the grocery store after he bought a lottery ticket and won $190,736. On his way home from work, Maki bought a Fantasy 5 lottery ticket from Meijer. A US citizen from Michigan was finishing up his daily business when he received a message from his wife asking him to bring groceries.

On the way home, Preston Mackie stopped by a store. This trip changed his life forever, as he later won $190,736 in the lottery. At the Meijer store, Maki bought a Fantasy 5 ticket, which won him the jackpot. I guessed all the winning numbers of the evening: 05-12-16-17-29.

Mackie claimed his shift at work was over and his wife wrote to him to stop for groceries on his way home. He also claimed that he usually avoids playing Fantasy 5 unless the jackpot is over $200,000, but decided to buy five easy picks. The next morning, when he used the mobile lottery app to scan the ticket, he discovered that he had won the jackpot! He considers victory so impossible. According to Maki, he plans to invest some of his profits.

frequently asked Questions

  1. Michigan Lottery: What is it?
    The Michigan Lottery provides players with a wide range of prize opportunities through its extensive selection of online and scratch-off games.
  2. What is the Fantasy 5 Lottery?
    Five of the 36 official FANTASY 5® raffle numbers will be drawn at random. You will win the main prize if your five numbers match the winning five in the official draw.

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