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Modern Nostradamus, who predicted Covid-19, the Queen’s death now warns of an “imminent” and “nuclear” World War III.

1Nuclear war was predicted by a prophet, culminating in “modern Nostradamus”.

Athos Salome, a native of Divinopolis in Brazil, claims to have foreseen the Covid-19 catastrophe, the demise of Queen Elizabeth II, and even the numbers about Elon Musk’s bid to acquire Twitter.

According to the Daily Star, even before billionaire Elon Musk unveiled his Optimus robots, Athos Salome claimed to have predicted robots would put people out of work. you have already started.

During the time of the digital illusion, I claimed that this became true after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Athos denied accusations that he was nothing more than a charlatan. He said, “I don’t consider myself a soothsayer, I don’t believe in it.”

According to him, science began to demonstrate the authenticity of his abilities. A few months ago, his list of predictions was tested and he did a technical study, but no tricks were found.

Athos, who attributes his powers to God and his gypsy origin, has no doubts about where and from whom they originated. He continues by saying that since we were all made in the likeness of God, we are all essentially gods.

Frequently asked Questions
Who is Athos Salome?

Renowned Brazilian gypsy and parapsychologist Athos Salomé foresaw the outbreak of the coronavirus as early as 2012.

What are some of his wonderful predictions?

A global epidemic, according to Athos, was predicted for 2020, and Athos declared war on Russia and Ukraine imminent 44 days before Vladimir Putin launched tanks advancing on Ukraine.

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