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Morrison: A woman talks about the “scary” personal approach of Morrison’s courier. Here’s what she claims

The Northfield beautician, 28, said Morrisons didn’t take her concerns seriously at first when she complained about her courier’s terrible approach. In addition, she complained to Ocado, which supplies Morrisons, and both companies promised to investigate.

Last month, the beautician ordered online, and the driver delivered the purchases. During his delivery, Molly said he was nice and excellent and thanked her for shopping with them.

Molly said she was shocked to learn that the driver texted her online six hours after delivery. She claims that he also “liked” her Facebook photos. Searching on the Internet, she found out that the driver was moonlighting as a taxi driver.

However, Molly claims that the Morrisons initially dismissed her complaint. In her opinion, they did not take her concerns seriously.

Taking her name from her order, finding her on social media, contacting her, and liking her photos on social media was “incredible,” she said. Despite sending them copies of the messages, Morrison did not take it as seriously as she thought.

Morrisons said they take these kinds of complaints very seriously and are working closely with their partner Ocado to investigate the issue. Ocado said in a statement that they are aware of the complaint and are looking into it.

Frequently asked Questions
Who is a Morrisons delivery partner?

Answer: Ocado is Morrisons’ delivery partner.

Are Morrisons and Okado investigating the complaint?

Answer: Yes, companies say they are investigating complaints.

3. What is the name of the woman who filed the complaint?

Answer: Molly, 28, beautician from Northfield, on the outskirts of South Birmingham.

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