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New WhatsApp feature: an avatar for every occasion! WhatsApp makes communication fun with new feature

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has added some fun elements to its interface. The platform said on Wednesday it will launch a new feature that will allow users to create personalized digital avatars.

The digital avatar is a virtual version of the user that can be created from billions of combinations of different hairstyles, facial features and clothing. Users can now also keep their custom avatar as their profile picture or choose from 36 custom stickers that reflect various actions and emotions.

“Uploading an avatar is a quick and fun way to share your feelings with friends and family. It can also be a great way to represent yourself without using your real photo, so it feels more private,” the company said in an official statement.

The company said it will continue to offer style enhancements including shading, lighting, hairstyles and lighting for avatars. He will be working on improving the avatars over time.

Steps to use avatars on WhatsApp

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To start using avatars, the user needs to open the WhatsApp chat and go to the stickers options. On iOS, the sticker option can be seen in the chat box – the section where you enter text. On Android, tap the emoji symbol in the chatbot, at the bottom you will see a sticker option next to the GIF search. If your device shows Avatars, the app will display them when you access the stickers option within a chat.

Tapping Avatars will open a new page and to create an avatar just tap ‘Get Started’. Users will have the option to choose skin tone, hairstyle, face, eyes, etc. Once finalized, users need to tap ‘Done’ and save the changes. WhatsApp will also allow users to access the front camera to make their avatars more realistic. The app will also allow users to create stickers of their new avatars.



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