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Prince William News: Prince William was clearly relieved when Prince Harry moved in. That’s why

Kathy Nicholl, a royal family insider, shared a few thoughts on the tension surrounding royal couples William-Kate and Harry-Meghan. According to Cathy, William always hoped that Harry would be his wingman, and the brothers had a plan to cooperate and support each other.

While William was furious that Harry was turning down major royal roles and leaving England (he even agreed to a dramatic meeting with royal aides called “The Anmer Summit”), a source indicated that he and Kate were delighted that the drama is over. He went on to state that to this day, William cannot forgive his brother.

Britain says goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II

Britain says goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II

Whatever the case, Cathy said that William clearly lacked faith in his brother. But it’s likely that the current Prince of Wales simply doesn’t understand Harry’s approach to public life. In fact, according to one leading agency, the more you learn about the Sussexes’ attitude to these matters, the more Californian it seems, much more to do with activism and fame than royalty. The purpose of royalty is that it is the only institution that links civil society, philanthropy, and the establishment. The Sussexes are well aware that they cannot compete with them. The point is, they don’t even try. What they are doing is changing the situation in their political and humanitarian spheres, and this is just fantastic.

According to a friend, King Charles is still saddened and disappointed with Harry, but he has always stated that his love for Harry is unconditional. But at least he seems very eager to meet his grandchildren!

Frequently asked Questions

Who are Princes William and Harry?

The heir to the British monarchy is William, Prince of Wales. He is the eldest son of King Charles III and Diana, Princess of Wales. The Duke of Sussex is Prince Harry, the youngest son of King Charles and his first wife, Princess Diana.

Who is Katie Nicholl?

Kathy Nicholl is a Vanity Fair royal reporter and a guest on the DYNASTY webcast. Kathy has been a Vanity Fair contributor since 2010 and is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on the British royal family.

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