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Today’s Quoddle Clues: Quordle Today October 11th: Clues, Hints and Answers for Tuesday

Welcome to our October 2022 Quordle feed. Today we have four unique words, each with a strong meaning. You will need the hints and clues we have to guess the correct words. But before we get started, here’s everything you need to know about Quordle:

What is a Quardle?

Quordle is an online multi-word game inspired by Wordle. Quordle was developed by a group of Wordle enthusiasts who wanted to make the sensational word game more challenging for players. The game retains the simplicity and intuitiveness of the original game, but adds levels of difficulty to make it more fun.

You can only play Quordle through mobile or desktop browsers, with no iOS or Android app options. Plus, you don’t have annoying ads, notifications, or suspicious permissions. Quordle also discourages addiction by only allowing you to play one game a day.

How to play Cordle?

Sign in to the Quordle website to access the game. You will find four grids with six slots each, with five blocks in each slot. You have six attempts to find four words of five letters each, as opposed to the single word you need to win the Word game. Enter your first guess that appears in all grids. The correct letters turn yellow, and those that turn green are in their places. Once one slot in each grid turns green, you win.

Cordle on October 11

There are four strong words in today’s Quordle, but our hints may be enough for you to guess them.

  • First letters: P/F/T/R
  • Second letters: N/H/A/H
  • First word: Evil
  • Second word: Faith
  • Third word: Bone
  • Fourth word: hateful insect


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