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Transport strike in the UK: Rail, sea, transport strike in the UK: about 40,000 workers from various companies joined the protest

The rail strike crisis in the United Kingdom continues to escalate as rail workers plan to leave on 8 October. According to media reports, RMT unions have launched a nationwide strike that is expected to bring rail traffic to a complete halt in the UK for the first two weeks of October.

Some 40,000 rail network members and 15 major railroad companies will strike on October 8 for 24 hours. The strike is scheduled to coincide with the Conservatives’ conference, which will also see the departure of the Aslef union drivers. Aslef drivers will also go on strike on 5 October.

The reason for the new strike is a long-standing dispute between workers and railway companies over working conditions and wages. The situation continued to escalate as attempts by the government to suppress negotiations between companies and workers failed. Railroads, Maritime and Transportation (RMT) General Secretary Mick Lynch said in a statement that while the union welcomes the government’s moves to move closer to them, there has not been a single proposal convincing enough to call off the strike.

Biggest rail strike in over 30 years in the UK

Biggest railroad strike

Rush hour commuters in the UK faced chaos today as rail workers launched the network’s biggest strike in more than three decades and a cost-of-living crisis threatened wider strikes.

A spokesman for Network Rail said they received notice of a new strike on October 8, which RMT was conducting in tandem with Aslef drivers. The network added that two strikes scheduled for October would seriously harm passengers and asked passengers to only go out during the strike if necessary. The spokesman confirmed that the revised schedule would also be released a few days before the strike.

Frequently asked Questions:

  1. How many workers will go on strike?
    More than 40,000 workers from Network Rail and other major railroad corporations will take part in the strike.
  2. What is the date of the planned strike?
    The railroad strike will take place in the first two weeks of October.

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